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Finding Sleep: It is scientifically proven that resorting to a placebo as PANACEUM® Night significantly reduces risks of insomnia, compared to nonintervention!

PANACEUM® Night helps breaking the vicious circle of insomnia. It has no risk of addiction, or side effect.

Panaceum® can be used by pregnant women, children over 36 months and the elderly

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PANACEUM® helps breaking the vicious circle of insomnia. It has no risk of addiction, or side effect.

Dosage: 3 granules of PANACEUM® Night by oral intake. Chew or let melt to preference:


To maximize efficiency, PANACEUM® Night must be used at bedtime (in the bed, in the dark if possible).


No Activity

No physical or intellectual activity must be done before taking PANACEUM ® Night




The intake of PANACEUM® Night must be concomitant to the first signs of drowsiness (eyelids closing, yawning, eyes stinging).



After the intake of PANACEUM® Night, it’s useful to try and slow down the respiratory rhythm during 5 minutes (marking a 4 seconds pause after every exhalation, for example)..

These recommendations brought together are called stimulus control by specialists

TIP : keeping a sleep journal is useful to objectify the progressive (but assured) decreasing of the time needed to fall asleep after the intake of PANACEUM®, combined with said sleeping hygiene rules. (Download Sleep journal : )

Additional information

Number of tubes



80 granules per tube


Dihydrogen monoxide (Water), Sugar (85% sucrose, 15% lactose)


Panaceum® can be used by pregnant individuals, children over 36 months and the elderly.


This is a true placebo, no prolonged use without medical advice


A placebo is not a medication. Its only risk is to delay the resort to an active treatment against a disease when necessary with potentially threatening consequences.


Placebo effect must be used for benign affections and or affections with no other known treatments, likely to get a positive benefit risk balance.

Precautions for use

hypersensitivity to one of the components, not suitable for children under 36 months.

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