Panaceum Stress

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PANACEUM® Stress is as efficient against stress as bach flowers remedies!
Need a better control over your anxiety, without putting your health at risk?

Panaceum® Stress can be used by pregnant individuals, children over 36 months and the elderly.

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PANACEUM® Stress is as efficient against stress as bach flowers remedies!

Terms of use:

The protocol for PANACEUM® is particularly strict in its “Stress” indication.
For an optimal effect on unexplained temporary acute stress (panic), the intake of 3 granules of Panaceum® stress must be combined with an exercise of slow diaphragmatic breathing.

  • Step 1

    Put a hand on your and the other one on your chest so you can feel them moving and adjust your breathing;

  • Step 2

    Slowly breath through your nose (some people prefer to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth);

  • Step 3

    While inhaling, expand your abdomen (and not your upper chest).

  • Step 4

    While exhaling, the diaphragm goes up to the chest in order to empty the lungs of residual air, and the abdomen gets tucked.

  • Step 5

    Exhale at least as slowly as you inhale in order to foster a state of relaxation ;

  • Step 6

    6. Relax the muscles of your face, your shoulder and your abdomen.

For mild but continuing anxiety, the intakes of PANACEUM® can be repeated daily. It is then preferable to combine the PANACEUM® treatment with 10 to 15 minutes daily of relaxation techniques. Focusing attention, on the taste sensation et the granules melting on the tongue, is particularly propitious to initiating an altered state of consciousness of the Meditative type. Mindfulness is about to prove its favorable effect on recurring phases of depression, and has several studies demonstrating its favorable effect on stress reactivity. (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)

Of course, the use of Panaceum® Stress can be planned as temporary intakes, “upon request,” as a response to an unexpected stressful event and/or confronted to any anxiety-provoking situation. In this case, it is recommended to let Panaceum® melt under your tongue. Indeed, this method of administration allows it to get faster into the blood and to show its therapeutic effect within a shorter timeframe.


No coffee! Even though it does have benefic effects on pain management et vitality, caffeine can cause anxious manifestations as soon as it’s consumed in excess (insomnia, irritability, tachycardia, arterial hypertension, or even panic attack). It is therefore recommended to reduce consumption during stressful times.

Warning,in some cases, anxiety presents some criteria (in intensity and or/continuity) severe enough to diagnose an actual anxiety disorder. The latter can necessitate specific medical care. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, antidepressants are the best medications against anxiety disorders. If their use is not insignificant, their indication is proved against panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD and OCD..
Prolonged use of Panaceum® Stress without medical advice is therefore discouraged.

TIP:Some hypnosis techniques suggest using a “standard formula” with which the patient will get familiar during relaxation exercises, so they can use it preventatively, when an anxious loss of control is appearing.
By verbalizing pre-chosen words (NO STRESS or RELAX, for example), the person prompts themselves to gain back consciousness of their overflowing feelings, to measure if these feelings seem justified, so they can moderate their intensity. Despite a phenomenon of positive auto-suggestion, this automatism allows a salvatory detachment.
Why not choose “Panaceum Stress! ” as your protective formula?

Additional information

Number of tubes



80 granules per tube


Dihydrogen monoxide (Water), Sugar (85% sucrose, 15% lactose)


Panaceum® can be used by pregnant individuals, children over 36 months and the elderly.


This is a true placebo, no prolonged use without medical advice


A placebo is not a medication. Its only risk is to delay the resort to an active treatment against a disease when necessary with potentially threatening consequences.


Placebo effect must be used for benign affections and or affections with no other known treatments, likely to get a positive benefit risk balance.

Precautions for use

hypersensitivity to one of the components, not suitable for children under 36 months.


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