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Stimulating effect of PANACEUM® Vitality

Everyone who’s ever experienced renewed energy after the intake of vitamin C has therefore experienced the stimulating effect that PANACEUM® Vitality offers! (Prescrire 2010 ; 30 (317) : 178. Sargenor à la vitamine C : en cas de fatigue passagère, préférer un placebo tel que la vitamine C en monothérapie à faible dose.)

A pure placebo, such as PANACEUM® Vitality, would also be better than magnesium cures against temporary fatigue according to the very serious “Prescrire” (« Mag 2® : préférez un vrai placebo » in PRESCRIRE 2011 ; 31 (331) : 342)

The use of a stimulating placebo has been shown efficient on the perception of fatigue by students half an hour after its intake. (J Psychoactive Drugs. 2017 Jul 12:1-10. Neuropsychological Effects of Placebo Stimulants in College Students. Lookatch SJ, Fivecoat HC, Moore TM.)

Panaceum® can be used by pregnant individuals, children over 36 months and the elderly.

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Where should PANACEUM® Vitality be taken?

Preferably in a place well exposed to light, or combined with light therapy. Indeed, daily exposure to 10,000 Lux inhibits the secretion of melatonin by the epiphysis. This sleep hormone may be essential for our nights, but its decrease during the day ensures us a fully alert state!

Recommended dosage: 1 granule per day from 21th of March to 21st of September ; 2 granules from 22nd of September to 20th March.

Best time of intake: In the morning, before or after a fresh shower.

Simple hygiene and dietary rules will have a certain benefit over your vitality. We recommend always combining the intake of PANACEUM® Vitality with the following guidelines: click here

Panaceum® Vitality can be taken during breakfast (it’s even possible to let Panaceum® melt in your morning coffee!)

Warning: No extended use without medical advice. In case of prolonged fatigue, a biological check-up can be justified to look for an organic cause (hypothyroïdy, vitamin deficiencies, anemia, etc…)

Additional information

Number of tubes



80 granules per tube


Dihydrogen monoxide (Water), Sugar (85% sucrose, 15% lactose)


Panaceum® can be used by pregnant individuals, children over 36 months and the elderly.


This is a true placebo, no prolonged use without medical advice


A placebo is not a medication. Its only risk is to delay the resort to an active treatment against a disease when necessary with potentially threatening consequences.


Placebo effect must be used for benign affections and or affections with no other known treatments, likely to get a positive benefit risk balance.

Precautions for use

hypersensitivity to one of the components, not suitable for children under 36 months.


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